What Types of Surgical Instruments used in Medical Hospitals

Sterilize surgical instruments job: Surgical instruments are the tool used for performing specific actions lie operations and surgery. It’s just like the weapons needed by the doctors to save our life. surgical instruments used to get access over biological tissue and for an overview. Let’s go deep into the knowledge about the weapons which save our life.

Before going into category lets clear he term called, surgical instrumentation. Surgical instruments are interchangeably used with surgical instruments, its basic use is assisting the surgeon during the operation. These instruments handle by specialized professionals usually surgical technologists like nurse or radiographer.

Surgical Instruments Names and Pictures

Reason behind Classification

The operating room contains several instruments that help in accomplishing the procedure. These are used for performing surgical procedures based on the action the instruments were classified. these tools are used for

  • Holding
  • Pulling
  • Clamping
  • Cutting
  • Crushing
  • Closing a wound



Used for cutting tissues, sutures, or for dissections.it can be of many types like a straight, curve, or for heavy cutting (means for thick tissue) or finer structure.


  • Mayo Scissors

Used to cut sutures and supplies.its come in heavy scissors category.

Straight scissors –it is used in the cutting of suture. And that’s why known as suture scissors.

Curved scissors-it is used for cutting heavy tissue like fiscal, muscle. uterus, breast.Available in regular and long sizes.

  • Metzenbaum Scissors

Used to cut delicate tissue.it comes in the category of lighter scissors.

It helps in cutting of tissue-like heart and for blunt dissection.

Also called as Mertz in practice.

  • Potts scissors
  • Used to compress blood vessels
  • Hollow organs for hemostasis
  • Prevent spillage of contents.

It comes in the category of clamping and occluding instruments.it is also finer scissors for creating an incision in blood vessels.

Surgical instruments names

  • Iris Scissions

used for cutting fine sutures.it also comes in the category of fine scissors.it mainly used to be used for ophthalmic but now handling for multipurpose.


It comes in the category of  Grasping and holding instruments.used for grasping tissue or objects.it is also called nonlocking forceps, grasping forceps, thumb forceps, or pickups.it can be toothed or not toothed at the tips.


  • Tissue forceps

used for grasping tissue.it is not toothed and toothed too. mainly design for minimum damage to biological tissue.

Non toothed forceps used for fine handling of tissue and traction during dissections.

  • Adson Forcep

these is available with teeth used to gasp the skin. and without teeth smooth one used to grasp delicate tissue.

Veterinary surgical instruments

Also named as dura forceps.

  • DeBakey Forceps

used to grasp delicate tissue,like cardiovascular surgery. It also used for atraumatic tissue grasping during dissection.

  • Russian forceps

used for grasp tissue.also just like DeBakey forceps for atraumatic tissue grasping during dissection.

All the forceps come under grasping and holding instruments.


This comes in the category of clamping and occluding instruments and some in grasping and holding instruments.used to compress blood vessels or hollow organs for homeostasis or to prevent spillage of contents.

Also called locking forceps. It can be traumatic or atraumatic.

Sterilization of surgical instruments


  •  Hemostat

 used to clamp blood vessels and tag sutures. its jaw can be a curve or straight.also used to grasp tissue or vessel that will be tied off.used in blunt dissection. also known as crile, snap, or stat.

  • Kelly

used to clamp larger vessels and tissues.available in short and long sizes.larger size variation of hemostat with similar function of grasping large tissue and vessels. also called as Rochester pean

  • Babcock

it comes in the category of holding and grasping instrument.used to grasp delicate tissue like intestine, fallopian tube, ovary.available in short and long sizes.it has slightly rounder jaw.mainly deal with intestinal tissue.

  • Allis

comes in the category of gasping and holding instruments.used to grasp tissue.available in short and long sizes.these are of 2 types

Judd alis– helps in holding intestinal tissue

Heavy alis -helps in holding breast tissue.

  • Kocher

comes in the category of holding and grasping.used in grasping heavy tissue. the jaw may be straight or curve.larger size of hemostat with a similar function for grasping larger tissue and vessels.

Needles and Sutures

Up to now, we deal with the instruments which are used either for cutting or to holding the cutting.but after the cut surgeon needs to fix it up and for that, he needs needles or sutures.

Sutures describe any strand of material used to ligate (means tie) blood vessels or approximately bring tissue together.in general terms needles and sutures help to close the wounds. these come in many sizes and maximumly in curve shape.

Some other surgical instruments are


Used to hold wounds like an incision opens, also hold back tissue or other objects. Helps in  maintaining clean surgical field. This can be either be handheld or self-retaining via a ratcheting mechanism.

Surgical instruments flashcards

These are of many types like

 Deaver retractor-used to held abdominal wall.

army navy retractor-used for exposure of skin layers.

weitlaner retractor-handling in a deep or smaller surgical site.

Richardson retractor –used to hold back deep tissue. Bookwalter retractors-it is self-retaining retractors.


This instrument helping in removing the debris, fluids from the surgical fields.it also used to clear surgical smoke. this work with the help of a suction source.

These were some instruments enlisted above which helps in saving life. Many more are there, as technology is updating. But above one are the basic tools that are essential for surgery to operate. some terms we use in day to day like to like scissors, forceps, clamps easily to get familiar with their use. but surgical instruments are more specific and sanitized before using.how much sanitizing is important now every person knows the importance of it, so in general terms to if you are using things for personal hygiene, just keep yourself and things clean and be safe.

common surgical instruments
What are the 3 categories of surgical instruments?

Surgery, Stitches and cure related surgical instruments.

How to sterilize surgical instruments?

Read the above paragraph, detailed explained.

How do you prevent surgical instruments from rusting?

Handling smooth

How to sterilize surgical instruments at home?

Use the medical related oil/liquid, which are suggested by the medical dept.

How to clean surgical instruments?

Use the medical suggested liquid.

Who taught the importance of sterilizing surgical instruments?

Hospital medical doctor.

How to pass surgical instruments?

by using precautions.

Which type of engineer helps develop surgical instruments?

operational instruments.

How many surgical instruments are there?


Where to buy surgical instruments?

Trusted online source and offline medical instrument supplier.

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