Operating Room Nurse Duties and Responsibilities Salary Certification

Operating Room Nurse: The operative room nurse is an individual who works with the patient who is being prepared for surgery, their family. They work as a member of the interdisciplinary care team.  In simple language, the operating room nurse is a specialized field in which nurses provide excellent care to the patient before, in the span of surgery. Also, they take care of the patient after surgery and also check the operating room nurse duties.

The operating nurse needs to have sound knowledge as equal to the registered nurse present in the operation room or might be more than them; they need to know the skills and expertise during the ongoing surgery. The operation room nurse help to evaluate the patient, and according to the observation, they help in planning for further treatment, implementing various steps, assume duration,  and beyond surgery care.

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Operating room nurses also called preoperative nurses and surgical nurses. They are in charge of the patient who is scheduled for the surgery. They play multiple roles, as if needed, they also work as scrub nurses or circulating nurses. The duty of scrub nurse will be to handover the surgical instruments asked by the physician during surgery. At the same time, as a circulating nurse handle the nursing care during the procedure, and they also check on that operating room is sterile or not. They also act as a bridge between patient and physician or patient and medical staff.

Operating Room Nurse Responsibilities

The operating room nurse usually works in hospitals, outpatient surgical clinics, and also you can find them working in a physician’s office. The operating room nurse responsibilities are listed below, go through the detailed information;

The complete operating room nurse responsibilities are given as per the operating room. Same operating room nurse responsibilities will be listed every operating room.

  • Access to patient health information.
  • Aware of the operating room and movable instruments.
  • Prepare the required suppliers for the operating room.
  • Be assistance to doctor in the operating room.
  • Monitor and positioning the patient table.
  • Medical instruments and suppliers to doctor at the time patient monitor.
  • Aware of safety issues and standards.

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Operating Room Nurse Duties

operating room nurse duties: An excellent operating nurse plays a vital role as the registered nurse, even operating room nurse needs more advanced knowledge and skills as compared to registered nurse. Some of the operating room nurse skills were discussed below: The operating room nurse responsibilities will be included in these skills, Operating nurses should have below skills along with responsibilities.

  • good communication skills

the nurse communication skills also Everything starts with communicating only, the operation room is a place which is always filled with tension. So to make the environment calm the operating nurse is needed to have excellent communication skills so that in the panic situation too, a working nurse with his or her communication skills manage medical staff and patient effectively. Communication skills of operating room nurse can also help in explaining the treatment procedure to the patient and patient family nicely.

  • Teamwork spirit

The operating room is not a place to work independently. Coordination is must and mandatory among the medical staff present there. In the operation room, there is no room for ego and position. All have to work co-ordinately and cooperate with the surgeon.

  • Highly organised

The nurse being an operating room nurse, have to be very organized when it comes to charting and highly capable of organizing supplies and action to ensure a good outcome throughout the surgery. They assemble in such a way that it’s easy to find anything in the operation room.

  • Attention to detail

Keeping all the details, arranging goes hand in hand with organising work. The nurse should know where the things are and should monitor Everything present in the room. This profession needs full attention to both the overall picture and the smallest details too. This requires the nurse always to stay alert to the need for the equipment and surgical team.

Operational room nurse must be able to handle several things; just a single mistake can have a significant impact on patient well being and being detail-oriented means you must be a keen listener, to must be able to assist with the procedure while listening to the surgeon and monitoring the patient, equipment guage and another indicator that the system is going smoothly.

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking

The nurse has to handle the critical situation, and that’s why there were expected to have a quality of problem-solving and have the capability of taking critical decision confidently. The operation room nurse should have the ability to judge, analyse and respond quickly and appropriately to changing situation.

They even should know how to handle changes. Excellent problem-solving skills and critical thinking make a nurse confidently take a decision and come up with the best solution.

How can anyone become an operating room nurse?

 An operational nurse room has to complete their bachelor’s degree or can complete two years of Associates Degree in Nursing programme. BSN is not essential to go for this profession. But the nurse needs to apply for the register nurse licence. They have to complete their internship programme.

Certificates or credentials needed are:

  • CNOR for preoperative for Registered Nurse.
  • CRNFA for First Assistants who assist the surgeon.
  • CSSM for Bachelors’ education OR managers.
  • CSN- CP for Masters education clinical nurse specialist.

Important Nurses Dress Code

Operating Room Nurse Salary

the average salary of an operation room nurse is $66,713. And if seen range wise then they can earn in between $49,419 to $93,569 annually. The pay can be changed according to location, experience, education, and also based on the certificate. Knowledge and skills play a significant role to get a good position and pay, operating room nurse salary is not fixed as per the sources, the salary may varied state to state and country to country. Operating room nurse salary details will be showing on the salary slip or on the job offer letter.

Operating room nurse skills checklist

Check the operating room nurse responsibilities and duties and along with operating room nurse salary details before joining in the operating room.

What are the Operating room nurse responsibilities?

Nurse responsibilities list is given above, go through once and read complete information.

How to get into operating room nursing?

Certificates list is given above for complete details.

What is operating room nursing like?

Patient monitoring room, Where surgery and operation are takes place.

What are operating room nurse salary?

The annual salary will be in the range of $49,419 to $93,569.

How to find the operating room nurse duties?

Operating room nurse responsibilities are also same for the operating room nurse duties.

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