Difference Between Nurse Practitioner vs Doctor in Details

Doctor versus Nurse Practitioner: Who needs an introduction of these two words, life starts with them and eventually death fights with them to take off the life with it. A newborn baby comes in the world with the help of doctors and before the nourishment of mothers love baby takes its first breath in the lap of a nurse.

Eventually, both work hand in hand just like Jai veeru. The doctor’s and nurse’s works can be differentiated just by a thin thread. Let’s define both in medical language

Doctors are trained in medicine, they deal with the treatment of disease via medication, medical procedure, and surgery.

Whereas nursing practitioners are registered nurses, trained in caring for sick, and know-how to diagnose, treat, and manage medical cases.

Nurse Practitioner vs Doctor

Let’s go deep in differences

 doctorsNursing practitioner
educationUnder graduation education, specialization or master degree, working in ruler area or residency doctors just like an internship (>1000 hours)Undergraduate study, registered nurse, nursing  practitioner program, certified nursing practitioner Hours of undergoing training(600-700hours)
dutiesDoctors mainly involved in Diagnosing Treating injuriesTreating illnessesObserving patients medical historyUpdating patients health reportOrdering and executing nurse and medical staff membersSuggesting patient for their health about nutrition, hygieneNursing practitioner involved in DiagnosingTreating acute and chronic conditionsPatients careCounselingAwareness about the disease prevention to the patient and their familyMaintaining detail records and charts of patient health Ordering or performing x-ray and other diagnostic testsPrescribing medications(in India it  was done by  doctors itself) 
Prescribe medicationsDoctors can prescribe medicationsEven nursing practitioners to having sufficient rights to prescribe medication
specializationsMany specializations are available like Anesthesiologists Family and general physicians General internists General pediatricians Obstetricians and gynecologists Psychiatrists Surgeons Allergists Cardiologists Dermatologists Neurologists Gastroenterologists Ophthalmologists Pathologists Radiologists  Specialization for the nursing practitioner is General Nurse PractitionerPsychiatric Nurse PractitionerPediatric Nurse PractitionerGerontology Nurse PractitionerFamily Nurse Practitioner  

Doctor vs Nurse Practitioner

Similarities both the professions share

 DoctorsNursing Practitioner
Obtaining health historiesThe doctor examines the health history of the patientThe nursing practitioner needs to examine as well as update the health histories
Performing physical assessmentsDoctors perform physical assessmentsNPS to perform physical assessments
diagnosticsDoctors can order as well as diagnosticsNursing practitioner too having an equal right
Order treatments and therapies  
Independent partitioning Need permission in some states or some can work under the doctor.

Doctor of Nursing Practice vs Nurse Practitioner

Different but same

Both the professions are different or same is no point.yeah in medical terms knowing minute differences is important and for knowledge is very important but in general terms, both doctor or nurses or aw well as any medical staff workers are as important as god.both pour all their life o save our life.and in this pandemic time instead of finding the difference people needed to join hands and respect and honor in every term our first line of defense. Our heroes.

the decent white coat and the appearance of peace,

With the weapon of knowledge they fight for every breath.”

What is a nurse practitioner vs doctor

Described in details, check above detailed statement

what is a family nurse practitioner vs doctor


What is a nurse practitioner vs. doctor


Why I became a nurse practitioner vs doctor

It completely based on the interest

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