How to Become a Navy Nurse Responsibilities Salary Advantages

Navy nurse: Nurses are always front line warriors, just like the soldiers on the border protecting their country. Not only in the civilian’s part but nurses also work in navy camps too, to serve the soldiers who serve the country. In Navy Nurse Corps nurses provide medical care to patients. The responsibilities of the navy take them to any place in the world. And that often works in a non-traditional setting. Nursing in the navy is not easy work, they have to be rigorous as applicants must meet the physical standards of military service and they should also qualify professionally. The navy nurse corps is an excellent career opportunity.

Qualification need to became Navy Nurse

The nurse needs to fulfill a lot of requirements and commitments to join the Navy Nurse Corps. The candidates wish to join the navy need to be United State citizens between the age of 18 to 41. The high school and college students who wish to join the navy as nursing need to be good at academics or should have planning to attend a United State education program that grads Bachelors’ of Science degree accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The nurse needs to get qualified for the exam to become a registered nurse and to get a license for nursing practice in the United State only. It is mandatory that the nursing practice is done within the United States itself. The nurse also has to pass a full medical examination, should be fit physically and mentally. They should be willing to serve a minimum of three years of service as a navy nurse.

Navy Nurse Responsibilities

The navy nurse responsibilities of Navy Nurse Corps are as follows: and the complete details are given for the navy nurse responsibilities and also for the Nurse Salary, check the available details,

  • They provide centralize coordinated policy development.
  • They also centralize guidance for professional nursing which matters in operational and conventional programming.
  • They help in implementing and maintain the Nurse Corps program which supports overall Navy Medical Mission objectives and policies which is established by the chief of naval operation.
  • Nurse provides professional nursing care to protect, treat the health of all entrusted anytime, anywhere. The nurse offers supervision of hospital corps personnel as theory wise and practices nursing care for patients.
  • Navy Nurse Responsibilities are involved above.

What Nurse do in Emergency Case

Navy Nurse Corps Advantages

  • Education opportunity

The navy offers a scholarship for the nurse who is willing to work in the navy. The nurse can continue the education program after seeking a Naval Career too. The educational goals of the commissioned officer nurse were valued by the navy.

  • Nurse Candidate Program

Nurses who are still pursuing education if commits to serve a minimum of three years of active duty will qualify for initial grants and a monthly stipend up to a certain amount which can help them to pay their education fee.

  • Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

The high school students or college students who are willing to serve for the navy in the nursing field can get scholarships up to $180,000 for their study plan.

Navy nurse Crops Ranks and Job offered

  • Staff nurse
  • Division officer
  • Clinical nurse specialization
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Certified nurse-midwives
  • Certified Registered nurse Anaesthetists
  • Senior Nurse executive
  • Education officer
  • Nurse Recruiters
  • Executive medicine
  • Facility-based roles
  • Roles in department and defense

Nurse life in the crops

The nurse after completing his nursing school is commissioned Navy Nurses are required to attend Officer Development School in Newport. The program will be of 5 weeks that going to provide an intense responsibility for Navy Nurse Crops officers.

Navy nurses were assigned different locations and specialty areas. They have also paired up with experienced workers so that freshers can learn how to work in the base. The nurses keep al their effort to polish their skills and bring the best of the medical care.

From the statistics, there were 4000 approximately Active Duty and reserved nurses in the Navy Nurse Corps, which offers 17 different specialty areas. Over 200 new nurses are accessed into the corps every year.

Work Environment

The navy nurse gets posted almost 250 different medical facilities around the world. Some of the nurses have to work on a hospital ship or onboard large warships. A nurse working in the navy has to attach to the field unit supporting Navy and Marine forces in battle zones. The nurse has to work round the clock.  

Navy nurse salary

The nurse needs to be very skillful to treat the patients who are always ready to sacrifice their life for their country. The navy nurse salary approximately gets a salary of  $36,420 per year as per the statists of 2017. The nurse needs to be strong-minded, committed to your work, and have a sound knowledge to handle all the medical shift. The nurse needs a strong emotion to tackle all the cases which are hard to handle and they also have to know how to handle themself in various temperature as many different locations were appointed to work on. The nurse keeps all the effort to give the best treatment. There are several factors that are involved in the final hand navy nurse salary.

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How to become a navy nurse?

high school and college degree is enough.

How much does a nurse make in the navy? (navy nurse salary)

Salary of  $36,420 per year

What rank is a nurse in the navy?

It based on the work experience.

How to join the navy nurse corps?

Use the official website navy and check the latest opportunities and apply accordingly.

Navy application process how long nurse candidate?

It take upto 4 months.

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