Home Health Care Nurse Responsibilities Salary and Certification

Home Health Nurse: The nurses are ready to work in any situation. Health is the first most priority of the nurse. They keep all efforts to work in any dimension. In that one nursing department who work for patients with all their skill and care in the convenience of clients home.  The nurse working in this phase creates a care plan for the diagnosis of the patients. They were skilled in providing excellent medical care and treatment effectively with less equipment, as the home has not that high facilities as the hospital have.  

home health nurse salary is completely based on the location wise and amount of time work completed.

The home health nurse provider’s health service of health care for the patients and also for their families. Their visit to the nurse not only allows patients to remain in the comfort of their home but also helps family members to know how to take care of their loved ones’. They are seen as linked between patients and physicians. The home health nurse work under the supervision of a physician, and they coordinate and manage patients at-home care plan.

Home Health Nurse

Job Description

The patient’s needs are carefully monitored by a home health nurse. They will provide care in coordination with a physician and other health workers. While visiting the patients, they assess the patient’s condition, blood pressure, manage wound care, and administer prescription medicine when the patient needs it. Every visit was written and sends to a physician about the patient’s condition. They try to identify care issues and make a recommendation about the changes if need to be done for patient care. They also guide family caretaker, who is present during the visit; they also listen to their concern and update them about the patient condition.

Home Health Nurse Responsibilities

The home health nurse responsibilities are varied as per the patient condition and location wise. The hospital will assign the certain nurse for the home health nurse responsibilities and maintain the same at patient home with one to one care.

  • Traveling to patients’ homes and managing their care plans which are supervised by physicians’.
  • They are administering medication and insulin.
  • They are checking blood pressure, glucose, urine, and stool tests.
  • Listening to the concerns of family and clearing their queries.
  • Monitoring the patient’s health and recovery.
  • They keep on observing for muscle weakness, bedsores, and any sign in infection.
  • They are spreading awareness to the family members about the patient illness.
  • They inspect wounds, changing a dressing, and handling personal grooming and hygiene.

Education and Certification

The home nurse needs to complete their bachelors’ degree from a school of nursing. The Bachelor of Science in nursing usually takes four years to complete. It would be best if you took science classes such as anatomy, biology, physiology, and chemistry along with a liberal art course to get eligibility for home health nursing.

The bachelors’ course often includes courses such as psychology, leadership, and communications. After completing the bachelor’s,’ the nurse needs to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) or The National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN).  So that after cracking the exam, you can be identified as a registered nurse.  The licensing board in each state approves an application from nurses who are determined to receive the license.

They can also give exam of American Nurses Credentialing Centre, which will allow you to become a certified home health nurse.

Barriers in home health nursing

Independent worker

The home health nurse needs to work alone. They can’t rely on others. This unique field needs to be work independently.  The nurse in home health care must learn to autonomous.  Yea they work in the supervision of a doctor, but to handle patients they have to polish their communication as well as medical skills. Even they have to lead medical staff sometimes, and for that, a lot of clarity in work and confidence is needed to be maintained.


The nurse needs to visit the house of the patients. And all apartments are not well equipped or clean. The cleanliness and safety play a significant role in client care, and to maintain the environment, the nurse faces a lot of problems. Environment issue in the house which was not adequately supported. This unsanitary condition allows bacterial growth and circumstance that may increase the risk of a patient getting sick and its a difficult thing to handle for nurses too. They have to treat this condition properly, and without making feel, the family members insulted she needs to make them understand the value of the hygienic environment and its effect on patients’ health. And sometimes they also have to teach the sanitized procedure to the family and community to save all the person from the dangerous disease spread by a tidy environment.

Home Health Nurse Salary

The approximate home health nurse salary of a home health care nurse is $77,191 according to 2018 observance. Half of the home care nurse is less in amount. The wages vary from $70,185 to $85,168 based on the location of work, the intensity of patients’ health, industry, and employer type.  Experienced nurses and polished skills can increase the pay, and sometimes there is an increment in position too.

The home health care nurse keeps all their effort and skills to give the best treatment to the patient. And all they ask is for respect and reorganization for their work.

What does a home health care nurse do?

It similar to the RN nurse and the work is completely based on the home health care.

How do i become a home health nurse?

Candidates required Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) / a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree, and should hold the NCLEX – RN exam to obtain licensure.

What is a home health nurse?

It is one to one care at patient home.

What is the salary of a home health nurse? (home health nurse salary)

Home health care nurse is $77,191 according to 2018 observance.

How much does a home health nurse make?

The wages vary from $70,185 to $85,168 based on the location of work. (home health nurse salary)

What are the home health nurse responsibilities?

It is completely based on the patient condition.

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