Five Facts That Nobody Told You About Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital: Paranormal activates are always an attracted point for all the people across the world. And the hunted places still exist were proved by some of the investigators. And some hunted areas as it became an attraction point, have reported they experienced some weird vibes, some people who visited it also got a profound impact on their life.

There were many movies which are made on the hunted hospital. Hunted hospital movies like Helstatten was one of the best horror movies projected over the hospital. Even as the craze was not less for the haunted place, hunted hospital shows were also shown on prestigious channels, haunted hospital shows like Dead Man Rotting, Faces of Death, even the show itself named as Hunted Hospital.

Haunted Hospital

Some of the haunted hospital games are Alan wake, asylum, American McGee’s Alice and many more. Haunted or paranormal things attract the majority of the people and its also an attraction point for the tourist. So let’s drift it into some of the real haunted hospitals in America, haunted hospital Kentucky, haunted hospital Tennessee and haunted hospital Ohio.

Lets first check out the haunted hospitals in America.”

Haunted Hospitals in America

CountHaunted HospitalsAbout the hospital
1Rolling hills asylum (located in Bethany, New York)The rolling hills asylum which is mainly opened for the habitual drunker, lunatics person who because of some disease, grief, or accident, lost the reason to live, old age, sickness, weakness made them mentally ill, paupers that mean a person with no means of income is used to be given place to stay or for treatment. It was opened in 1827. Regardless of the people reason to live in the rolling hill asylum, all the residents used to be referred to as “inmates”. The term mainly ticked off the ghost as observed and experienced by many. The hospital facility is known for performs lobotomies and electric shock therapy. The most frequently seen ghost in the rolling hill asylum is Roy, who is assumed to die in 1942. It was said that he used to be tall somewhere like 7 feet when he was alive. And it was reported afterlife Roy like equally tall shadow seen to be cried.  Another visitor who is on the tour of the facility said – she heard footsteps behind her, but as she has thrown the flashlight nothing was seen, and it happens many times.  
2Northville state hospital (located in Northville, Mich)Northville used to be one of its kind hospitals, where art and music were promoted for treating patient, who could practice playing musical instruments or performing in plays, as well as study trader or worker in hospital facilities. It was opened in 1952, but due to some priorities changes in the 1970s, the hospital; decline steadily, closing in the early hours. The abandoned hospital started becoming an attracted spot for young people. And like that inside photos came to the world. Many of the people or can tell trespassers when into the hospital in search of a ghost, who instead of spirit found hefty fines and community service hours.
3Pennhurst Asylum (located in Chester County, Pennsylvania)Pennhurst just like rolling hill asylum, offered the place for physical and mental disable people, apart from them Pennhurst also held inmates which include not only criminals but also orphans, immigrants. It was said the hospital used to be self-sufficient; it used to have its power plant and other amenities. It was opened in the 1960s.  In the late 1960s, the institute was overcrowded, and funds also got insufficient, which made it stated falling apart. Television reporter Bill Baldini exposed the pathetic condition of the hospital as it became unmanageable and unsafe for the children’s living there. This report helped propel a movement to change the way people with disabilities are housed and treated. After the news too, the hospital managed to open until 1987. After that, the abandoned hospital becomes a controversial tourist attraction. Some ghost hunter reported picked up saying “we are upset” in their recording. At other points, some tape observed female voice asking “Why won’t you leave?” and many more like this. But the twist was, they recorded a male voice too, which says “I am scared”.
haunted hospitals in america

Haunted Hospital Kentucky

The details are given for the haunted hospital Kentucky in below tabular form, check the details.

CountHaunted HospitalAbout the hospital
4haunted hospital Kentucky- Waverly hills sanatorium (location in Louisville, Kentucky)The hospital opened in 1910, as the epidemic of tuberculosis overtaxing medical facilities in Kentucky, hospital board decided to add on the 40 to 50 bed in the sanatorium. But as the pandemic got adverse day by day, the sanatorium capacity had increased ten times. Patients at the hospital expected treatment that varied from balloons implanted in their lungs to the removal of the rib and chest muscle to low lungs to expand. But the treatment didn’t work. So a 500-foot tunnel or body chute is made so that bodies can be sent to the waiting train to bury away. At present, the tunnel is the ghost spot to hang out and became a  tourist attraction point. Many tourists said they had seen the ghost of the nurse in room no 502. They felt weird vibes and got a flush feeling.
5haunted hospital Tennessee- Old South Pittsburg hospital  Opened in 1059, the south Pittsburgh Municipal hospital is started by four medical professionals and had spread in a total of 68,000 sq ft.  It is begun for providing medical care to the community. But many wrong deaths, child abuse death, and many tragic activities took place, which made it hunted. The hospital is more attractive because of its two facts. The hospital area has natural-based spring underneath the hospital. Another one it the hospital is on limestone. It is believed that running water act like the original battery in combination with lime which gives spirit energy. The hospital; was closed in 1998, as the new building was made at another place.
Bonushaunted hospital Ohio- Highland View hospital (located in Cleveland)       Poole Hospital (located in Cleveland)   The children’s hospital (located in Columbus)  -the activates experienced by the patients itself, as window shades move of their own accord and door lock shut down without anyone present there.  – the hospital listed top of the hunted events. Patients and staff have experienced a lot of paranormal activities.  -the hospital is built on the old cemetery and have a particular corridor which a nurse or any of the medical staff never enter.
haunted hospitals in america

Some of the examples are given on the YouTube, check out these most interesting video.

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