Founders of Modern Nursing in Details & Professional Nursing

Father and Founder of Nursing and medical: The medical field is bliss for humanity. Life can be saved, and the practice of the person can heal wounds. The life count on the medical profession. But to be honest, the persons who found the skills, the treatment, research, discoverers needed to be remembered and humankind should always be grateful to them.

Here are some founder, fathers and persons who uplifted the values of their profession, let’s discuss and remember them.

Founder of Nursing

Father/founder/important personNames of personality
Father of medicineHippocrates             
Father of microbiologyLouis Pasteur
Father of Modern BacteriologyRobert Koch
Founder of the modern nursingFlorence Nightingale Known as “lady with the lamp.”“Environmental theory” given by herEstablished 1st nursing school at St. Thomas Hospital, London
First Psychiatric NurseLinda Richards
First American nurseLinda Richards
The first president of the American Red CrossClare Barton Also known as Battlefield Nurse
Founder of Frontier nursing serviceMary Breckinridge Brought midwifery and infant healthcare
 First black nurse in US ProfessionMary Eliza Mahoney
Early nursing pioneerDorothea Dix She revolutionized health care for the mentally ill
Founder of Orthopedic NurseDame Agnes Hunt
The first lady of nursingVirginia Henderson
First public health nurse in the USLillian D. Wald
Promoted nursing as a respectable nursingLystra Gretter
Pioneer in Nursing autonomy and nurse-driven careLydia Hall
Pioneer in improving the care of dying patients by managing symptomsFlorence Wald
First Polio Vaccine discovered byJonas Salk
Penicillin discovered byAlexander Flemming
Polio rehabilitation pioneerElizabeth Kenny
First trauma nurseElizabeth Scanlan Trump
Father of modern scienceGalileo galiei
Father of science (ancient)Thales
Father of BiogeographyAlfred Russel Wallace
Father of biologyAristotle
Father of BotanyTheophrastus
Father of ecologyCarl Linnaeus, Ernst Haeckel, Eugenius Warming
Father of entomologyJanSwammerdam, Johan Christian Fabricius
Father of EthologyNIkolaas Tinbergen, Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz  
Father of evolutionCharles Darwin
Father of ZoologyAristotle
Father of virologyDmitry Ivanosky, Martinus Beijerinck
Father of taxonomyCarl Linnaeus
Father of protozoologyAntonie Van Leeu
Father of parasitologyFrancesco Redi
Father of Indian SurgerySushruta
Father of EpidemiologyJohn Snow
Father of Indian MedicineCharak
Father of  molecular biologyLinus Pauling
Father of LichenologyErik Acharius
Father of IchthyologyPeter Artedi

Founder of modern nursing

There were many professions, medicine, technology and equipment which we use daily to safe life. And people who discover it were forgotten. Above were listed very few persons who played a vital role in the medical field and many more were still not known. The reorganization is needed as it inspires generations, to understand the power of discovery, inventions.

Who is the founder of modern nursing?

Florence Nightingale

Who is considered to be the founder of professional nursing?

for professional nursing founder is Florence Nightingale

Who is the founder of nursing system?

Refer the more information on above tabular form.

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