What is Forensic Nursing, Investigator, Pediatric Forensic Nursing Scholarships

Forensic Nursing: Crimes, suspense, thriller. We all love in movies, isn’t it? The forensic words also even known to many of the people just because of the film. And it spine chilling in real life too. For nurses with interest in criminal justice and caring for the illegal affected person, forensic nursing can opt career as forensic nursing.

The work of a nurse is not only to deal with the victim but also to gather evidence to support law and enforcement. They play a vital role in both our healthcare and criminal justice. Victims of violence and abuse required care from trained healthcare which is well known how to handle the trauma which the victim faces especially in case of sexual assault, intentional injuries and many more. The nurse is in the medical profession with caring and collecting the evidence and give testimony that can be used in court. The business comes with a lot of responsibility.

What is forensic nursing

A forensic nurse is a registered or advanced practice nurse who aims to work in the field related to crime and investigation. The nurse tries to provide specialized care for patients who are experiencing acute and long term health consequence associated with victimized or violence. In additional, forensic nurses provides consultation and testimony for civil and criminal proceeding relative to nursing practice.

Forensic nursing responsibilities

In reality, forensic nursing has a lot of work to tackle. You can find them involved in hospitals, anti-violence programs, psychiatric institutions, and medical examiner offices, communities like after natural disaster, and correctional facilities.

They work with victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse, avoided as well as psychiatric, law enforcement, courts of law, and public health organization.

Let’s discuss some responsibilities of a forensic nurse:

  • They are providing comfort, friendly and psychosocial t victims of violent crimes and their families and others.
  • They are treating bodily injuries.
  • Collecting and preserving evidence that’s admissible in court. (pieces of evidence like victim’s clothing, bullets, and another physical sample).
  • Consideration of the alleged person and collecting evidence as indicated.

Forensic nursing certification

The nurse needs to take a lot of effort to enter and practice in this field. Let’s check this stepwise to become certified forensic nursing.

  • Complete a Bachelor’s Degree

The nurse has to complete bachelors in Nursing programme. It is a study of four years. The BSN aims to make the graduate ready for post-baccalaureate course evaluation skills in the aspirants. The nurse can complete the bachelors in path physiology and physician assessment.

  • Registered Nursing Credential

The nurse needs to satisfy all the norms of the state-wise to get the certificate of a registered nurse. They also need to clear the National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX), held by the National Council of State Board of Nursing(NCSBN).

  • Postgraduate Program

The nurse can get their destiny by two routes after being a registered nurse. They can either undergo a short post-graduate certificate programme in forensic nursing or can opt a 3year nursing post-graduate programme as a Masters of Science in Nursing.

Certificate programme for forensic is also available in the post-graduate department of various nursing school. These programme is having lectures, semesters, and the training period. The forensic nursing graduate programme is designed to make candidate ready for clinical roles in judicial, such as working as a legal nursing consultant, death investigator, nurse coroner or many more.

  • Specialization available in Forensic Nursing

There are many roles and specialization that a forensic nurse can opt. The following are some specialization available for nursing in judicial career.

  • Sexual assault Nurse Examiner
  • Medical Examiner’s Officer
  • Medical-Legal Consultant
  • Emergency Room Nurse
  • Expert Medical Witness
  • Law Enforcement teams
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Criminal Law or Courts

History of Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing is instead a new field in nursing. The term Forensic Nursing is not recognized until the 1990s. It is originated out of the conference in St. Paul Minnesota in 1992 when a small group of about 70 nurses got together for the first-ever national convention of sexual assault nurse.   And from then the reorganization.

Forensic nurse salary

A forensic nurse is a nurse who is focused on training of the forensic evidence collection. As per a source, the average salary of the forensic nurse is approximately $54,000 (as of February 25th, 2016). The pay can be increased or, position will also increase with the experience.

The forensic nursing is just like criminal drama. But it’s not a cakewalk just as every end the case get to solve. Sometimes even after a lot of effort and care the evidence all go vain but still the nurse need to work again with the same pace. That’s how forensic nurse works with a lot of patience and confidence. Forensic nurse work is just like an adventitious job with every case.

What is forensic nursing?

It is a public or legal proceeding on healthcare.

What is forensic nursing salary?

Estimated salary is $54,000

What is the definition of forensic nursing?

Investigation of death related issues to abuse, violence and other related.

How to get into forensic nursing?

Get the degree in forensic nursing and clear the NCLEX – RN Exam.

How to get experience in forensic nursing?

Must be registered with NCLEX-RN the work in any field and get the experience.

Why do you think there is a specialty identified as forensic nursing?

Investigation department.

How to become forensic nursing?

Get the degree in forensic nursing and clear the NCLEX-RN exam.

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