Finest Methods To Get Your RN License! Forms of Licences

There are several certificates are available in different categories, which are important for the nursing career (for both national and international level validity and acceptance). Certificates play a vital role in career improvement in the nursing field.

Certificates Like

  • LPNs
  • RNs
  • APRNs
  • Others.

RN License

These are the certificates that are important for the level of a nursing career. Who want to specialize and practice specific areas, these certificates help to grow in a career as much as possible. It helps boost employability, confidence in a career, independently working anywhere as like.

Make sure that, each certificate have each specialization in particular areas in the medical field, like “National Association of Practical Nurse Education & Service NAPNES” offers the 3 (three) types of certificates;

Which are;

  • Pharmcology certification
  • IV Therapy certification
  • Long term care certification

IV Therapy Certification 

  • Useful for – Heathcare facilitis, home care, nursing homes,
  • Certficate Cost – $160.00

Long-term Care Certification

  • Certificate covers long term care (chronically) ill of all ages.
  • Certificate cost $160.00
  • Recertification cost – $150.00

Pharmacology Certification

  • Certification for medication.
  • LPN knowledge level
  • Drug classification, dosage, administration, and other side effect information
  • IC therapy certification
  • Validity – 3 years.

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