Top Best Emergency Nursing Skills & Practitioner Work and Tasks

Emergency Nurse: Nurses are another name of care; the dedication and service was a mark on the globe.  Nursing is a wide variety. If you want to pursue it, you need to know all the fields so that you can choose your area best of your interest.  Each specialty demands its skills and characteristics, which is especially true to its character.  Emergency cases needed to handle, and that’s often required to be deal with by an emergency nurse. That emergency nurse work is mainly is a fast-paced, often stressful environment that demanded a sharp skill set above and beyond the standard nursing skills. 

The ability to stay calm in an urgent situation is needed. If you can do it, you can choose this profession. You need to know pressure handling, keep updating yourself, keep on researching, and many more. Let’s see more about what emergency nurse work is.

Emergency Nurse

The main work of an emergency nurse is to treat patients who are suffering from trauma, injury or severe medical condition and required urgent treatment. This type of specialization needs to work in crises. The nurse should be so in practice that she can decide what to do in an emergency condition to minimize the patient’s pain.

The nursing duties are of same pace whatever specialization too. But not in case of emergency, in this everything is compressed. It’s not a specific job it needs teamwork they emergency workers work continuously and simultaneously with radiologist or orthopaedic to give the best of the treatment.

The emergency nurse is not such excitement but needed to work as hard as you can. They also come up with a significant role in educating the public. Some emergency registered nurse participate in public programs that promote wellness and try to prevent injuries. The awareness like alcohol awareness, children passenger safety, gun safety, helmet and now in pandemic time awareness about the mask and social distancing.

The standard conditions emergency nurse deal with

The emergency nurse has no bars and limitation in the working area from cough to a heart attack. Some of the medical thing emergency dealt by an emergency nurse in the research say in 2014 were

  • Abdominal pain
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Strains and sprains
  • A superficial injury like muscles or organs
  • Chest pain

Certified Emergency Nurse

 The first step to becoming an emergency nurse is to become a registered nurse(RN) by pursuing a degree in Associates Degree in Nursing(ADN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN). Both the path leads you to Registered Nurse.  The specialization you have to choose in above both which one you want as per your interest. Once you completed the degree, you have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination to work for Registered Nurse, which will allow you to give mark as licensed Registered nurse.

After being a registered nurse, you have to practice as a speciality in emergency nursing. Gaining experience in the emergency medical situation for at least two years, you can apply for the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing(BCEN).

Emergency nurse practitioner

The emergency nurse needs to have some specific things in their practice. Let’s discuss some.

  • Calm

The job demands you to be to calm in all the rough situation and radiates positivity how much they can. So that patient too feels normal and don’t panic about their medical condition.

  • Confidence

The emergency nurse needs to handle things confidently how old, or new cases comes. Confidence comes with handling cases a year by year practice.

Work of emergency nurse

The role of the emergency nurse is to evaluate and monitor patients and to manage their care in the emergency department. Some emergency department nurse function is common to other nursing specialities. The nurse role divided into five different characters.

  • Assessment
  • Planning and managing
  • Tasks
  • Communication
  • Teaching


Emergency nurse interview and monitor to get a health history and medical condition progress. The nurse needs to be close to the patient so that he or she can know what going in patients mind and can help the thing for the overcome . and patients can heal.

Planning and Managing

The total assessment can give an overlook about patient health and emotionally. And the emergency nurse will plan the treatment according to step by step. With the level, the nurse needs to assess the team of medical staff.


With the physician, emergency nurse work also plays a critical in the medical field. The nurse also perform some emergency works like inserting Intravenous line(IV), urinary catheters and nasogastric tubes(NG) and some other work like drawing samples from veins, dressing wounds and many more.


The nurse has to be very strong with communication skills. They need to deal with medication, other nurse and other patients.


The emergency nurse is made itself qualified by doing lots of practice and experience. And that can be shared by others by teaching them. The practice nurse works under an emergency nurse.

Salary of Emergency Nurse

According to the source, the emergency nurse can range up to $99,099 to $118,631. And with experience position and chances can increase.

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