Critical Care Nurse Salary Duties Responsibilities Skills

Critical Care Nurse: Nurses, the name reflects the care with medical skills. The nurses need to know how to handle things with a critical situation. And sometimes not all nurses can feel these. So a separate department is made to tackle the pressing issues. The nurse handling all the critical illness and injuries are called Critical Care Nurse. The nurse received specialized training that enables them to manage and monitor those patients who are seriously ill and injured.  For handling the profession smoothly, the nurse needs to have skills which allow them to take action on point and work quickly in stressful condition.

Critical care nurse

The critical care nurse according to the American Association of Critical Care Nurse, patients who are dangerously suffering from illness or suffering misery from life-threatening injuries are required advanced care and typically be founded in this hospital department:

  • Intensive Care Unit(ICU)
  • Paediatric
  • Emergency department
  • Step down unit
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Telemetry unit
  • Cardiac Catheter labs
  • Progressive units
  • Recovery rooms

Critical Care Nurse Qualification

The first step of becoming a critical care nurse is to earn a bachelors degree; it can be a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). While working for the bachelors of science in nursing, the student will learn the principles of nursing and develop critical thinking skills, and they also practice problem-solving skills. For becoming the qualified Critical Care Nurse after bachelors, they have to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). The exam will help you in receiving a licence, and you will be called a registered nurse—the exam the registered nurse needs to work for two years. Nurses who wish to become critical care nurse should work with the population such as families, geriatrics, adults and children.

After earning a registered nurse, master’s degree is needed to be secured. The nurse needs to earn a master’s degree from an accredited MSN program with a emphasize in a critical area or ICU nursing. They have to attend additional theoretical and evidence-based classes, building on the foundation of the nursing learned while earning their BSN degree. This education will help critical care nurse perform well as professionally.

Critical Care Nurse Responsibilities

The make sure proper care for patients and the successful operation of emergency or intensive care department. Critical Nurses must perform different types of tasks. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Assess and treat patients

The nurse first thing is to observe the patient. They have to monitor or assess the patient and give reports to the nurse. Critical Care Nurse can offer the treatment is Vital sign, treating and dressing wounds, setting up Intravenously and Administering medication.

  • Order diagnosis tests

Theillness or injury typically required diagnostic testing, it is often done by the Critical Care Nurse, or they assess the diagnosis like X-rays, Ct Scans and EKGs. They can also observe the test result with physicians to give better treatment.

  • Educate Patients

A Critical Care Nurse has to know how to communicate well so that they can explain the precaution and treatment procedure to the patients and their family. They also plan their routine like a dietary plan like dietary restriction, physical therapy exercise, medication or other lifestyle routines.

  • Comply with Healthcare Regulation

A Critical Care Nurse should have a sound knowledge about medical care. The patient can consult review after the discharge also for better health. They should work under the policy of the specific facility. They should stick to the roots of clinical and ethical standards of their profession.

Duties of the Critical Care Nurse

The Critical Care Nurse has multipurpose duties, somewhere discussed below:

  • They clean and bandaging patient wounds.
  • They track life support equipment like heart monitors.
  • They infuse blood products and monitor patients for a reaction.
  • They diagnosis patients illness and injuries.
  • They try to identify patients need according to age and level of consciousness, and they create a care plan to make the health better.

Critical Care Nurse Skills

The Critical Care Nurse needs to have strong skills in analytical, interpersonal and decision-making skills. They should have excellent communication skills so that they can make understand the situation to both patients and their family members. They should also have a friendly behaviour so that they can lead the team better. The leader skills are also needed so that they can supervise new interns and other medical staff. They have to handle the most critical treatments, so they need to practice to be calm in every situation.

Critical Care Nurse Salary

The average salary of the Critical Care Nurse is $68,462. The approximate salary earned by a health care profession depends up to the level of qualification, experience, size of the hospital or health care facility and numerous other factors. But how good the nurse with excellent skills and training those much good chances are there to make a pay high.

The nurse work with all his heart. They keep all their effort and pursue a sound knowledge to give service to the medical field.

What does a critical care nurse do?

Monitoring the high risk life threatening health problems.

How to become a critical care nurse?

Should be apart of RN to MSN programs.

Why do you want to be a critical care nurse interview question?

critical thinking skills, should be take quick and sound decisions.

Why i want to be a critical care nurse essay?

It aspects of patient care.

What is a critical care nurse?

Most dedicated work with a lot of patience work.

How much does a critical care nurse make an hour?

$30 to $45 per hour.

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