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Clinical Nurse Specialist: A clinical nurse specialist is a  graduate-level registration nurse who is certified in a specific field.  A clinical nurse who holds a specialty certificate reflects an advanced level of knowledge and skills in the area of nursing. Clinical nurse specialists act as a leader in the field of nursing. They work to serve in the field of mentors, educators, and advocates.  Clinical nurse specialist also has rights to make changes in promotion and facilitate.  To reach that powerful and prestigious.

How to become a clinical nurse specialist

Nursing looking for an advance level like clinical nurse specialist should value evidence-based practice.  The nurse needs to practice medical skills like anything, as with the period from clinical trails to pandemic outbreak everything getting a level up. Moreover, with the pace of time, the nurse should have the zeal to work with an update form.

Nurses should have the interest to get the knowledge to make future and present better, to spread awareness, have the knowledge or being in the research of betterment of medical science.

The nurse should be able to work in a team. The primary role of the clinical nurse specialist is to instruct and collaborate with the members of the healthcare team. For that, a nurse needs to carry an excellent communication skill.

By collecting all the skills above, we can say in one word that nursing specialist needed to have polished leader skills.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

What is the educational requirement for the clinical nurse specialist?

Clinical nurses specialist are advance practise registered nurse who has to complete a masters program in nursing or doctor degree programme.

If interested in the research side, the nurse needs to complete a doctoral degree program.

To go for advance degree or doctoral in nursing, a student must complete a nursing programme and need to complete their bachelor’s degree in nursing.  The student should check that the college should be accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

What a clinical nurse specialist do

 Nurses have many tasks to do. Let us see what clinical specialist responsibilities are. 

  • Ordering medical tests and treatment
  • Examining patients and identifying illnesses.
  • They are treating disease with the best of their skills.
  • Promoting wellness and spreading awareness in a relaxed and understandable manner.
  • Researching their area of specialty and always try to find something for better.
  • Provide clinical expertise through their knowledge in a specific area.
  • Collect data from medical records and help patients to improve care and health care services.
  • Joining and possible monitoring with the interdisciplinary health care team to create, review, and revise treatment plans.
  • Educate and mentor nurses to motivate for the upcoming nurses to be good with their work.
  • Designing updated tools to assess the quality of different patient care and education programs.
  • Play as a lead role like a supervisor or manager to nursing and ancillary staff.

Clinical nurse specialist salary

The nursing job takes much courage to make it up. It takes all physical and emotional services in saving other people’s life. The skills were polished, and practice goes for a year. Strive to advocate for high-quality care to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

According to the sources, the median salary of the clinical specialist is $99,550 as of June 2017. Moreover, with the experience and skills, the salary too increases.

Clinical nurse versus nurse practitioner

 Clinical nurse specialistNurse practitioner
EducationMasters in nursing/doctor of science nursing.Master of Science in nursing for minimum qualification, Doctor of the nursing practitioner is useful for future growth.
 Licensing and certificateCertification of different specialization is given from American Nurses Credentialing Center.Certification is given by two authorities in this, American Nurses Credentialing Center and American Academy of Nurse Practitioner.
Education requiredCNSs need to pursue at least 150 hours of education, 51 per cent will be on specialist course, and the other half will be other medical subjects. In that 25 hours will be pharmacotherapeutics.NPS is required to do 1000 hours of clinical practice, 75 contact hour of continuing education. As per the new update, they need to do 150 continuing education hours and another percentage the same as before.
DutiesIndirect patient careAssess, diagnose, and treat acute diseasePrescribe medicationDirect patient careInstruct and lead the team of nurse for treatmentPerforming research work.  
Common dutiesHospitalsMental health settingEducational institutesPrivate practiceThe long term care facility
SalaryIt can be approx $ 101,276 annually. Experience and betterment of skills make the profession increasing of position and salary too.It can be approx $ 103,880 annually. Experience and betterment of skills make the profession increasing of position and salary too.

Clinical nurse specialist is someone apart from caring for the patients they are involved in discovering or inventing the methods which can be helpful for treatment and managing the recovery to be done as soon as possible. They not only keep their effort; they also squeeze all their knowledge to make a better future of the medical field. Clinical nurse specialist is not less than scientists, they are the scientist of the medical field.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Jobs

What is a clinical nurse specialist?

A clinical nurse specialist is a  graduate-level registration nurse

How to become a clinical nurse specialist?

RN license and Post Graduate course, Advanced physical/health assessment

What does a clinical nurse specialist do?

Optimizing patient care

How long does it take to become a clinical nurse specialist?

Need  BSN and MSN.

How much does a clinical nurse specialist make?

clinical specialist is $99,550

What is the difference between a clinical nurse specialist and a nurse practitioner?

Refer the above.

What is the role of a clinical nurse specialist?

Optimizing patient care 

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