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Best Scrubs: The nursing or medical profession is always a decent as well as an adventurous job. The profession demand to be calm, quick in taking action should have sound knowledge of the therapeutic techniques. And as they are always in an environment where they have to fight apart for the patient’s life, for their health. Medical staff like doctors, nurses have to compete with a sensitive environment where they were exposed to different chemicals, medicine odor, and many dangerous viruses all the time. So keeping themselves safe from these all, the medical staff need proper protection devices or even sanitized dresses.         

And keeping this in mind, scrubs were designed as it can be used by the medical staff who were in the duty of patient care all the time.

Let’s see what scrubs are.

Best Scrubs

Scrubs are the type of cloth designed to be worn by surgeons, nurse, and many more those are in constant touch with the patient and taking care of them. The scrub is a clean cloth. It was designed originally for surgeons and operation room members who participate in the surgery, the person who sterilize or scrubbing in before surgery. Now the use is extended outside the hospitals as well. It was used by the one who is working in an environment where clothing or body can come in contact with infectious agents like veterinarians and midwives. Scrubs are designed keeping in mind the minimum expose of the body to the environment, and it should be easy to carry. Some points followed in mind apart from minimum contact of the body to the environment are:

  • Easy to launder- as it needed to be used daily, and should be maintained sanitized.
  • Affordable price- the scrub should be of affordable rate so that if damaged or stained, it can be easily replaced.

Best Scrubs for Women

The nurse used to have a plain white uniform from the very initial time. But in the 20th-century surgeons not used to have any outfit or any specialized garments. Surgical procedures were preceded in an operating theatre. The surgeon used to wore his or her casual clothes during surgery. They were just used to wrap butchers apron, so that bloodstain don’t spoil their clothes. Even the operation used to be done with bare hands and non-sterile instruments and supplies. Now the situation is very different. The surgery is done in a thoroughly sterilized environment with the entire available and sterilized instrument—the mark of the experienced and famous surgeon used to be their entirely fancy clothes. 

The gloves and uniform while surgery somewhat came in the image with the Spanish flu of 1918. The growing pandemic effect brought mask in the role, surgeons, started wearing cotton gauze mask to protect themselves from the deadly virus, it’s not for the safeguard on patient its for the medical staff. Around the same time, the medical staff start using heavy rubber gloves to protect their hands from the highly concentrated solutions used to clean the room and equipment.

In 1940, sterilization came in the role, as it was observed that infection is operating room due to instruments and all, it was made mandatory to sterilize the operating room frequently. And in 1970, the scrub came in the role. A short V necked shirt and drawstring pants or short sleeve half-length dress made of cotton or cotton-polyester blend. Further in this 2020 pandemic time, PPE kits were used to safe the medical staff from COVID 19.

This is how the evaluation of the scrub and surgery pattern took place. The one who protects us, need to be protected and outfit can help in significant cut-off the contact to the skin. So many companies and brands started making comfort scrubs for nurses. Some were discussed below. 

 18 Best scrubs personally recommended by a physician

Nurses keep all their effort; the working hours for them are not bounded to any clock. They have to fight with all the condition, stressful as well as outside infected environment all the time. Their protection is one of the essential factors, and nurse health is one of the primary concern. And keeping in view, many of the designs of the outfit were made available to protect medical care personnel from the infection-prone environment as well as keeping themselves and surrounding sanitized. The costumes were designed as the significant body get cover and also comfortable so that dress is never a problem while treating a patient. The colour too was avail and chosen to keep in mind the view of the profession. It’s now available for both men and women in many different style and colours. Many brand are trying their best to manufacture the excellent quality, soft, microbes free of antimicrobial scrubs, which can be available in affordable price and easy to maintain. Some of the best brands scrub’s were discussed below. Let’s take a look at it:

Vera bradley scrubs

he brand is mainly famous for its quilted bags in distinctive prints. The not much known but quality product it gives, what you don’t know is the brand also make a couple of scrub lines- Halo and Signature Collection. Vera Bradley scrubs are available in many colours and many prints. It offers you a wide range in colours like a vibrant solid colour from vivid coral to sweet melon. The designs were given thoughtful touches like empire waists and knit waistbands for making the nurse to feel it fashionable and also give them fit feel.

VERA BRADLEYThe brand is mainly famous for its quilted bags in distinctive prints. The not much known but quality product it gives, what you don’t know is the brand also make a couple of scrub lines- Halo and Signature Collection. Vera Bradley scrubs are available in many colours and many prints. It offers you a wide range in colours like a vibrant solid colour from vivid coral to sweet melon. The designs were given thoughtful touches like empire waists and knit waistbands for making the nurse to feel it fashionable and also give them fit feel.
WonderWinkWho doesn’t want the classy yet trendy scrub . and Wonder Wink try to preset it, keeping in mind the design and use of it. Its feature is easily washable, and the fabric is soft in touch, which makes it comfortable for long hours and stretches in all the right places to move with you throughout your day.  It has lines which include origins, wonderlab, wonderGlex and W123. The WonderWink also earned a licensed range of collegiate scrubs which include lab coats too matching to school colours with beautiful embroidery for the mates who love to do twinning with their shift mates. 
MedCoutureThe brand is also known as the Peaches line; the brand plays with colours, contrasting stitching, trims. The brand gives you features of multiple pockets. The brand has its own classic Med Couture Original line, but the brand is also known for its yoga-inspired active line. The scrub is made from a four-way energy stretch made of 95 per cent polyester and 5 per cent spandex.  The Med Couture recently launched some of the new scrubs lines, which is having Energy and Touch. It has its own Med Couture Boutique collection for lab wear which was planned and designed well with precise tailoring and designer details.
WhitecrossThe company is one of the oldest designing company or manufacturing uniform for nurses from 1930s. The Canadian Museum of civilization still has a white cross uniform worn by a military nurse in 1939 as a mark.  The brand always priorities the comfort, innovation and updating its trend according to the time. It gives a unique flavour of traditional design in its scrub. The lines include Fit, Allure and the many more. It also offers the latest V shape scrub. WhiteCross are available in many different sizes. Even up to 3X sized they are offering, as they want to send a message that helping hands are beautiful in all sizes.
Zoe+ChloeThe brand Zoe and Chloe offer a super cool, fresh and fun colours clothing. The brand not only provides you scrubs of super soft fabric but also avail with designs of latest trends. The scrub collection designed with a fun print like butterflies, hearts, leaves. So that it can look fancy as well as decent, the main motive of the brand is to give their customer a good looking, fancy and comfortable. Zoe and Chloe, along with magnificent scrubs, provide matching caps too.
Maevn uniformThe professional-looking outfit in the form of the scrub is provided by Maevn uniform. The designs are gratifying yet straightforward, and it offers a wide range of colours, like strawberry pink, hunted green and orchid purple.  It makes more than a dozen of scrubs in different varieties like Eon, Eon active, Matrix pro, Matrix, Pure Soft, Blossom, Blossom Signature, Primaflex, Smart and many more. Some of them are too soft, and sweat absorber which keeps the body fresh and also some scrub features double-needle stitching for additional durability.
LandauLandau has been making fashion-forward scrubs which give you a perfect look in a professional manner. The landau provided scrubs are available at an affordable price, and it always updates itself according to trend. The brand has seven different collections. Some of them are Smitten line, Lynx, ScrubZone, smart Stretch, pre-washed and All day. They also manufacture lab coats that are of Smart Stretch line apart from beautiful and comfortable scrubs.  The lab coats are available in many sizes like from XS to 3XL, so that no one feels leftover.
Jockey scrubsAn underwear production company is in the race of making medical warriors life easier. The Jockeys scrubs are extraordinarily soft and come in many different varieties. They provide a classic medical uniform to more athletic scrubs. The scrubs collection are available in four different types, and they are Men’s Scrub, classic Fits, Modern Fits and Performance Rx.   The available options are made of different materials like Classic Fit and Modern Fit made of Tri Blend multi-directional stretch fabric which have 72 per cent of polyester, 21 per cent rayon and 7 per cent spandex. And other two options Performance Rx is made up of different fabric blend, a 93 per cent polyester and 7 per cent spandex Omni stretch, Micro pique moisture-wicking fabric that helps in preventing microbial infections.
Koi Company tagline- “designing happiness.”If you believe and like to promote women’s empowerment, then I would like to shift your sight to this brand which is independently run and owned by a woman. The brand offers a wide range of colours, designs in scrubs, some of them are Koi basics, classic, stretch, koi lite, the ultra-feminine Mariposa line and for men’s they have men’s range. Some of the colours with beautiful prints like ombre fades and floral pattern. 
Heart soul Company tagline – “the young and young at heart.”The person who wants to look stylish and still want to keep it low maintenance, this brand is the best choice for them. The brand is owned by the which manages Cherokee Uniform and Dickies, which states the won’t compromise with the quality. The brands two collections available are Break on Through and Love Always. The collection comes in a wide range of solid colours with a fine-looking mix. 
Healing handsThe company is 35 years old sportswear manufacturer. Healing hands offer you with new fabrics in scrubs. The brand offers several different collections, including HH works, Purple Label and HH365. All the scrubs are made for a convenient wash and wear fabric. The line has beautiful prints with performance fabric for the ultimate blend of fashion and function.
Adar  MedicalAdar Medical is contributing its manufacturing from 45 years. It combines fashion with practical features. And they try their best to give high performing fabrics. The additional line of scrubs is made of four-way stretched materials. It is also odour resistance, wicking and sweat absorber for keeping the body fresh. It is also designed with antimicrobial clothes keeping in mind the safety of the nurses as they are always work in virus prone zones. Adar also makes you available with the lab coat. 
AllheartThis is one of the best brands. The scrubs are designed, keeping in mind the comfort of the nurse and the medical surgeon. The scrubs are available in the combination of affordable price traditional as well as modern outfit. The cloth is too soft, which make it comfortable to use. One of the linings of the brand is Elate which offers a soft brushed fabric with the latest design. Scrubs of this brand is available in many different colours like classic surgical green, hot pink, dark red, and ocean teal and many more.
BarcoBarco has been making high-quality medical uniform from the last 100 years. This is one of the oldest medical clothing manufacturing company. The brand speciality is its Grey Anatomy line of scrubs, which came in existence from 2007.  It makes its scrub line in which the two of their design got full performance points like Barco One and Barco Men. The above two scrubs re temperature regulating tech and is made up to ArchTech performance fabric. Barco also manufactures lab coat which is fit and flatter. The brand apart from its work also evolved in NGO work as it had its own Barco Nightingales Foundation which helps children to fulfil their necessities. 
CherokeeThe Cherokee is one of the trusted brands in the field of scrubs as it is making scrubs since 1972. The brand offers many different varieties in the area of trend, comfort and clothing. Its having line likes Tooniforms line, Infinity line. The Tooniforms line comes with authentic looks whereas Infinity line combines the athletic fit and sporty details with environmentally friendly four ways stretch fabric. The brand keeps its scrubs available in all the sizes from XXP to 5XL, as it values the emotions of medical warriors and wants to make them look stylish and comfortable in any shape and size. 
Dickies womens GenFlex cargo scrubThe Dickies GenFlex Cargo Scrub is one of the best overall scrubs. It is mainly famous for providing more number of pockets. The scrubs supplied by them are not bounded to nurses only, assistants used scrubs to doctors. The pockets allow them to carry pens, note pad, instruments and many more. The scrub will have two back pockets, four front pockets, side pockets by the knees just like cargo pants. 
Madison ave unisex scrub topIf you like to look decent, with some decent colours or if you want to twin with your partner. This is the best choice for you. The brand avail you scrub which can be worn by both men and women. It looks decent but straightforward with V shape neck, collar and clean seams. The colours available are green, blue, and grey. Hand are short sleeve, with three pockets -one on the chest and other two on the pants. Fabric is made of rayon, polyester, rayon and spandex, which make it comfortable and soft. And even easy to maintain.   
Cherokee women’s maternity mock  wrap scrub top  Nurses never are on rest, just like any soldier. Being it a time of pregnancy, initially, they work on the same pace, and keeping their brave effort in mind the brand designed a scrub for the pregnant nurse to make you feel comfortable up to a certain extend.  The Cherokee women’s Maternity Mock wrap provides the scrub with a bit larger size so that you can grow well and will not feel uncomfortable. The top is made of the polyester cotton, which is easy to clean in the washing machine. It has a fake wrap design with a decorative tie, actually sports an empire waist and stretchy side so that the dress fits the body shape as it changes. The scrubs are present in wide varieties. The most popular are blues, greens, pinks and greys. The tops even provided with multiple pockets.

6 Best scrubs for the female nurses

The nurse works round the clock and being a female, and there are many fights they have to fight apart from work. They have many tasks to be managed. And tiredness has no place in their life; uncomfortable uniform increases the problems of the nurse; it creates an unnecessary distraction at work.  So keeping in mind the efforts of the female nurse, some companies from many years trying their best to provide comfort and soft scrubs which can help them to get some relief and work without any problem or discomfort.

Even for nurses who are willing to serve at the time of pregnancy, for them, too some companies came forward and availed the most comfortable scrub. Which is not only flexible but also looks stylish. Below are come of the brand which is liked by most of the nurses. Let’s check out the scrubs:

Barco greys anatomy scrubsThe brand offers a decent look. Apart from decent look, the scrub has a stylish look, better comfort for extended uses. The design was done kept in mind the necessity if the nurse, long durability. Offer natural care as there is time to go for keeping complex maintenance. The scrubs of Barco is made with Spandex Stretch, which offers high performance, also functionally and flexibility is very lovely, helps nurses to work their long shift more comfortably. 
Cherokee women’s Maternity Mock Wrap Scrub TopIt was discussed in the above section too. The brand is for nurses who work in pregnancy time also, keeping their brave effort in mind the brand designed a scrub for the pregnant nurse to make you feel comfortable up to a certain extend.  The Cherokee women’s Maternity Mock wrap provides the scrub with a bit larger size so that you can grow well and will not feel uncomfortable. The top is made of the polyester cotton, which is easy to clean in the washing machine. It has a fake wrap design with a decorative tie, actually sports an empire waist and stretchy side so that the dress fits the body shape as it changes. The scrubs are present in wide varieties. The most popular are blues, greens, pinks and greys. The tops even provided with multiple pockets.
Dickies GenFlex scrubsThe brand is famous for scrubs for both men and women. The scrubs look stylish, as they are made with a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex, which emits a great look with a professional essence. The scrub to have excellent flexibility as it gives a right amount of stretch. Available with multiple colours. Many nurses who are using it love the design, and according to them, they find its stitching unique, and they didn’t get those in any of the other brands.  Dickies were awarded for the best in pockets category for their Women’s GenFlex Cargo Scrub by It offers the latest V shape scrub too.  
Cherokee Workwear Scrubs  Apart from the pregnant nurse’s scrubs, which we saw in the above column, the Cherokee also offers a range of scrubs to the women. The scrubs are affordable, comfortable and even the soft material gives another level feel. The brand provides a pretty professional look and also available with pockets which give more advantage to the person who is wearing it. It has excellent durability, softness and has a good stretchability. The clot offers moisture-wicking which absorb the sweat and keep the body fresh. As the nurses work in the disease-prone zone, the brand keeping in mind that made the scrub with antimicrobial fabrics technology which inhibits the growth of the microbes that cause odour and fabric damage and protect the nurse from getting infected.
FIGS YOLA skinny scrubsThe nurses love the brand, as it never fades its colour. The scrubs offered by FIGS YOLA is bit expensive. But the performance, durability never fades. Once the polling conducted by the, asked 2 million nurses to select their favourite scrub brand, guess what? FIGS were one of the top choices. The scrubs of FIGS are famous for its comfort, wrinkle resistance, cloth which allows the skin to breathe well, and surely for pockets which is most famous for the profession.
Wonder Wink scrubs (Origins Charlie Lady Y Neck Mock Wrap Top)The Y neck is something new and looks more perfect and stylish. The nurses love the brand apart from its design even for its light colour and lightweight. The nurses who used it stated that they are using it from the last five years, and still they love it.

6 Best scrubs for men

Nurses name is not only for women, and even means are doing too well in this field. The medical field doesn’t discriminate, the one who is willing to serve for saving a life; the one who is a skill full are always welcomed. As considering the men nurses as they have to work hard in helping patient the best medical facilities, some companies are providing them with the best and comfortable outfit or scrubs. Some of them are mentioned below. Let us check it out:

Cherokee work wear professionals scrubs for menThe brand avails itself with men’s scrubs. And it is making men’s scrubs since 1972, as it understands what men in the medical field required. The fabric is made of the polyester, cotton and spandex. The Cherokee scrub for men offers five pockets. The brand has scrubs for all heights whether you are 5 or 6″2 and even available in different sizes too. Scrubs perfectly blends of all the fabric, which makes comfortable for all day. They fit in all type of body and shape. But it has an issue that you have to take pants separately and have a limited number of pockets on the top half.
FIGS CHISEC for menThe men scrub available with ten pockets—the three pockets present on the top and seven pockets on the pant. The brand was laid its stone in 2013, and stepwise with its collection became one of the favourite scrubs for more men and women. The scrub made up of polyester, rayon and spandex. The cotton was known well for soaking sweat and keeping body fresh, but it’s not true, because the FICS scrub without cloth in it features moisture-wicking and keep the body sweat-free and relaxed. Being a bit expensive is the only backdrop. Otherwise, these scrubs are most contemporary and best looking in the market with ten pockets which allow you to be well organizing. The clothes also made of the synthetic fabric that can withstand a ton of abuse.
Dagacci Scrubs for MenThe scrub is available with eight pockets. Almost available in 24 different colours. One of the cheapest or you can say pocket-friendly scrub. It is useful for the fresher’s who newly started practice in the nursing profession. Eight pockets allow them to be well organized. This is good for the started or fresher nurse.
M and M scrubs for MenThe scrub with 22 various colours. The scrub is made up of sixty-five percentage polyester and thirty-five percentage of cotton, which shows it going to keep your sweat-free and fresh. Just like the above one, it also has eight pockets three on the shirt and five on the bottom. Considering the price, it is very affordable as you can get it at $20 bucks. The durability of the product is too excellent. Smart pockets are given you easy access.
Barco Grey anatomy scrub for menThe scrub comes with three pockets. And also available in dozen of colours. The material is made of 77 percentage and 23 percentage rayon. The best part of the brand is it is having soft fabric texture and even easy to maintain. The scrub is available in the updated look that is swallow cut V neck. Its ample pocket on chest and arm make it convenient for the nurse. The drawback is the scrub is bit expensive, and you have to buy pants separately.
Amazon essential men’s scrubsThe scrub contains nine pockets, four on top and five on pants. The brand scrubs are available in 15 different colours. The fabric is made of sixty-five percentages of polyester, thirty-four percentage cotton and two percentage spandex. It gives a beautiful look. The best part is the scrub with quality fabric comes at an affordable price. Give you a healthy option in colours and even as many pockets allow you to arrange things well.

Nurses works will all their dedication. They apart from medical knowledge, practice calmness and politeness as they have to take a quick decision at the point, they are not less than any medical higher authorities. And companies trying to keep their service a little comfort is not less to thankful for. Above brands try all from their side to keep nurse health safe from all the team. The pandemic outbreak made them work limitless, and the nurse is working without a break. Just to save a life. The PPE kit tries to keep them, but their struggle of being in duty in that hot temperature inside that protection is unbearable, but still, they are working, without asking anything. The people should value their effort and work, and their profession should also get the right amount of respect is all they expect. 

What are the best scrubs?

Most of the nurses prefer the organic scrubs for regular use, You can choose your own organic brand and use it accordingly.

Where is the best place to buy scrubs?

Best place for the good and best scrubs is Amazon online platform.

What is the best brand of scrubs?

These are the brands are best in the market, Choose wither of it: WonderWink, Dickies Scrubs, Cherokee Workwear, Barco One Women.

What are the best scrubs for men?

For Male/Men Nurse, Choose Figs Chisec, Carhartt, Dagacci, and M&M Scrubs.

Which are the best medical scrubs?

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs much better under the medical scrubs.

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