Top 5 Best Nursing Pillow 2022 by Expert Opinions Choice

Motherhood is a feeling which can’t be compared to anything in this world. It’s a blessing as well as the most significant responsibility. The mother, after the birth of a child, is still weak, but they have to take responsibility for the milk to pamper the baby for a whole day. And for these all it’s too tiring. By observing the pain and suffering, many products came up to make the mamma comfortable. The nursing pads, the nursing bra, and the best comfort giving for the child as well as the child is a nursing pillow.

Let’s check out how important the nursing pillow is.

Nursing Pillow

The nursing pillow helps a mother to figure out the best comfort position a child can be in the arms of the mother. The nursing pillow will take care of the back, neck, and arm pain that arises while carrying the whole baby time in the mothers’ lap. It does not only give relief to the mother it also provides a comfortable feeling to the child so that they can snuggle and secure the child by giving her extra support. Even for breastfeeding adjusting the nursing pillow to the waist and laying the baby on the pad will make it easier for both mother and child to gain comfort. 

As you came to know the value and use of the best nursing pillow let’s check out what points you need to know before taking an apt nursing pillow for you. As everything is clear, let’s check out the best nursing pillows available in the market.

Best Nursing Pillow

  1. My Best Friend Nursing Pillow

It is one of the best all-around nursing pillows, and even it got much praise in 2019. As the pad has a wrap-around design, it makes it more lovable. The other features are

  • The nursing pillow comes with an adjustable strap.
  • Even it comes with a backrest.
  • And as discussed, it is designed as a wraparound design.
  • Its having front pocket for stowing items.
  • The pocket let you keep milk bottles, snacks, mobile and many more.

My Best Friend Nursing Pillow

Best Nursing Pillow for Baby Sleep

  • Back Support
  • Convenient Pocket
  • Easy to Use
  • Lite Weight
  • Carry Anywhere
  • Wrap Around Design
  • Arm & Elbow Support


So the above features let you rest and enjoy your motherhood. For more details, let’s check out the pros and cons of the product. 

Pros of My Brest Friend Nursing PillowCons of My Best Friend Nursing Pillow
Its design – wraparound design. For extra support, the backrest is provided. Flat surface to prevent baby falling or slipping.Best feature- pockets, which will help for extra space and keep the necessity thing nearby.The belt can be secured by one hand, still, creating extra steps to step into the pillow. Washing problem, as the cover can be washed, the pillow can be washed.
  • Boppy Nursing Pillow

One of the best nursing pillows, with acceptable quality. It is one of the oldest providers in this field. It is serving the comfort of new moms for the last 25 years. The Boppy nursing pillow is insanely versatile. It is available in U shape which works well for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 


  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Made up of soft material
  • Its give you comfort wash too, so no worries.

After the best-owned features let check out the pros and cons in quick words.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow Cotton Fabric

boppy original best nursing pillow and positioner geo circles

  • Machine Washable
  • Padded Waist Belt
  • Plush Comfort for you and baby
  • Tummy Time Support
  • Firm Foam option to position baby
  • Propping for baby
  • Ergonomic nursing support


Pros of Boppy Nursing PillowCons of Boppy Nursing Pillow
Best for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Can be used after the infants grow up as a Tummy time lounging time sitting time pillow and cover both are washable.As aval in the curved cushion, it has chances of baby slipping off. Lack of strap makes the nursing pillow less secure.

The nursing pillow is just a supportive system for the new mothers as well as for the infants. By observing the suffering of the mothers, the nursing pillows were coming in the role, and if you see them, it was designed keeping in mind the health and even hygiene of both mother and baby. There were many varieties are there in the market. And above information will surlily be going to help you to choose the best one for your child and baby. As we always wish you have a beautiful experience of motherhood.

Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow

Best Adjustable Nursing Pillow

  • Multiple Angle Altering Days
  • Proper Positioning to Aid in Feeding
  • Elevate your baby to breast height
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Highest / Middle / Flat Adjust
  • Supports upright positions
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle
  • Easily bring baby to breast height


Travel Nursing Pillow

One of the best travel nursing pillows for travel and working moms, this travel nursing pillow is secure and best in the market, it protects the babies around the body. it was lite weight and quality in cloth material.

Travel Nursing Pillow Maternity Breastfeeding Support

Best Travel Nursing Pillow

  • Maternity Breastfeeding Support
  • Regular nursing routine
  • Best for new moms
  • deflate nursing pillow
  • Ideal for airplanes and overnights
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • Wrap around design secures the body


Points to refer to choosing a best nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is available in wide varieties. From different shapes, different styles to different designs all make pretty much sense. While choosing which fit you better you need to check out the one which you are preferring is having correct shape so that your baby feel the comfort, the size will be accurate or is loosen, fit to you better or not,  the care procedure is available with you or not and many more. Let’s check in detail about the points.

  • Shape

The nursing pillows majorly found are of U or C shape. The shape helps to fit nicely to the mother’s waist.  The pad will wrap up comfortably. Then only it can be preferred. There is nothing like C shape nursing pillow is better, or U shape best nursing pillow is better. It’s according to your preference. In whatever shape you find comfort and can observe the baby also has a good sleep go for it.

  • Perfect fit

As the pillow needed to wrap you fully, you need to check out the best nursing pillow is allowing you to have an adjustment option or not, like many, pads have a belt that will enable you to have an adjusting option.  And some site even gives you a customization option too. So before taking any pillow, check the adjustment option so that you don’t have to regret it afterward. As if size comes big one without any chance, the pad will slip which will have a fear of baby slipping from your grip and that’s dangerous.

  • Material

The material matters, as the baby’s skin is sensitive, you should choose the best quality so that no reaction happens. You have to choose according to that. Even the pillow material is apt for regular washing, or machine washing also needed to be checked.

  • Versatility

It would help if you chose a pillow that you can use for multiple uses or can say is designed in such a way that after a certain period to you can use it effectively. 

By considering all the above things, you can buy the best nursing pillow and use it effectively.

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