7 Things You Should Know About Baby Nurse Roles Responsibilities Salary

Baby nurse: A nurse’s work in any medical field., and their work is not only up to hospital sometime the nurse has to take care of the patient after the treatment too. And in that one comes the baby nurse. A baby nurse is a non-medical profession. The baby nurse took care of the newborn baby when they were taken back to the home.  The nurse work is to assist parents about the day to daycare of the newborn baby.  The period of the nurse taking care is a few weeks or several months. And sometimes they even provide overnight 10 to 12 hours, day hours and 24 hours.

What is baby nurse?

The baby nurse is also called as Neonatal nurses or mother-baby nurse or nanny,  who work with a newborn during their first weeks of life.

How to become a baby nurse

To become a neonatal nurse first, you have to graduate the four years bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). After completing the degree, you have to crack the exam to become a Registered nurse.

To be a neonatal nurse, you have to get certified by Neonatal Resuscitation and or Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing. To become a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP), the nurse needs to complete their advance degree, like Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Many neonatal nursing schools offer this degree through a two-year Advanced Practice Neonatal Nursing (APNN) program. The program will prepare you for nursing licensure as a nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

Apart from the theory, the nurse has to complete their training to of a minimum number of the years.

How long should the baby nurse?

The baby nurse working hour can be decided by the parents only. The profession of the baby nurse is temporary. A typical assignment will range from two to twelve weeks. It can exceed, longer for preemies, multiples and special needs infants.

Baby Nurse Responsibilities

The baby nurse responsibilities are listed below for the reference: And also, the baby nurse roles are listed in below. Refer both baby nurse roles and responsibilities.

  • The nurse needs to review prenatal records to identify risks for the newborn.
  • The nurse observes prenatal, birth, family background.
  • The nurse needs to follow the daily progress of the baby.
  • They have to perform admission and discharge physical exams.
  • They plan and arrange diagnostic tests and therapy.
  •  They arrange consultation a transfer.
  • The baby nurse reviews relevant newborn care issues with parents before discharge.
  • The baby nurse assures that the family has a clinic designed for follow up.
  • The baby nurse forwards clinical information to the appropriate clinic or physician.
  • The nurse performs a minor procedure, such as circumcision or frenotomy.

The nurse needs to maintain the medical record to document like:

  • Prenatal history
  • Daily progress note
  • Birth history
  • Physical exam
  • Discharge plans, including diet and follow up.
  • Clear documentation of issue needing follows up after discharge.
  • They have to make clear documentation of follow up appointment.
  • They have to make orders and notes with date, time and signature.

Baby nurse resume example

Some of the pinpoint information is needed to be written while making a resume, so here are some of the points noted in the baby nurse resume:

  • Year of the workforce- 4 years.
  • Experience at the job – need to write down the years you have been in this job.
  • Qualification – education qualification need to be written.
  • Qualities
  • Can help in developing or monitoring family schedule and can regulate Children’s rest period and nap schedule.
  • Can help in preparing and serving nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for children for good health.
  • Can keep keen observation on children’s behaviour from irregularities, temperature fluctuation and many more.
  • Can act as a bridge between doctor and children
  • If needed can decide to take the child to doctor, administer medicine or follow direction thoroughly, which were given by the doctor to maintain child health.
  • Can model appropriate social behaviour, and encourage concern for others to cultivate the development of the interpersonal relationship and communication skills.
  • Can make a good bound with parents to child development and if needed can implement discipline programs to promote child well behaviour.

Baby nurse salary

The average baby nurse salary can earn annually in the United States is $73,566, according to the 28th of June, 2020. But if we observe in range, the baby nurse can earn  $66,705 to $84,260 annually approximately. Salary of any medical staff and even baby nurse varies according to site, city, patient, period. And baby nurse can charge according to contact too. The pay also depends on the experience and how well you can take care of the child. Certification also plays a significant role in the payment and getting a good job holding a good position. 

The main focus of any nurse is to keep their patient health as their foremost priority. A baby nurse has a much more difficult task as the nurse have to understand the child who can talk even, understand dits need and help them to be healthy.

What is a baby nurse called?

Neonatal nurses for new born babies.

how long should a baby nurse?

12 weeks but some cases, it decided by baby parents.

What is the baby nurse salary?

The annual salary is varied from US 66,705. to 84,260.

What kind of baby care at home?

Baby care like baby bath, monitoring, daily health check up, and regular medicine (if required).

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